Retail Shop Applications

Market Demands

Promote brand awareness and provide information

Highlight unique features and selling points

Announce special in-store promotions

Attract customer attention effectively and consistently

SonicRay Solutions

Draw customers and increase store patronage without creating noise nuisance

Target appropriate consumers with relevant audio advertisements

Enable site-specific advertising to improve sales

Reduce labor cost through comprehensive provision of information

Case Example
  • Placement

    Install at strategic locations such as store entrances, cashiers and promotional shelves

  • Quantity

    A few speakers will generally suffice- suitable for space constraints

  • Content

    Around-the-clock (24/7) simultaneous broadcasting of multiple advertisements to designated audiences

Actual Installation Photos
  • Increase store traffic

    Boost foot traffic with effective and constant advertisements to appropriate audiences.

  • Shopping guide

    Assist customers in product selection with relevant advertisements and services.

  • Cashier zone

    Promote in-store services and products to customers waiting in line, to improve brand/product awareness.