Billboard Advertising Applications

Market Demands

Noise pollution limitations restrict permissible sound levels

Advertisements go unnoticed when out of line-of-sight

Lack of audio to engage people’s attention

Lack of sound effects to complete the interaction

SonicRay Solutions

Project clean and clear sound over long distances

Create realistic 3D audio effects or environments

Draw and capture public attention with audio

Augment the engagement and reach of advertisements

Case Example
  • Placement

    Streamlined installation of one or two speakers at the side of the advertisement panel

  • Installation

    Various mounting options available


  • System Components

    Amplifiers and cables concealed behind the advertisement panel

Actual Installation Photos
  • LED Advertising Panels

    Broadcast clearly audible advertisements over long distances

  • Large Billboards

    Catch attention and reach audiences with striking audio enhancements

  • Interactive Advertisements

    Engage and interact with the public with multimedia advertisements