Sesame World Technology (SWT) pioneered the world’s first integration of directional sound in acoustic environment management systems. Sesame World Technology was founded in 2014 and currently has offices in China and Brunei.

SWT is supported by the government of Brunei and an experienced team. Our key teammembers include doctorates and professionals from Nanyang Technology University (NTU). SWT is thus able to provide comprehensive audio solutions; including customized directional speakers. We maintain high standards using proprietary electronics and digital sound processing. With SWT, you have sound, where you want it- only.



Highly directional beam width of 15° - Sound where you want it, only

Crystal-clear audio – Constant sound quality and levels throughout projection distance

  • High directivity
  • Stable sound quality
  • Adaptable

Sesame World Technology is in the process of developing our marketing channels, and welcomes collaboration with companies interested in becoming agents. We adhere to the principles of ‘Open Collaboration, Collaborative Progress, Progressive Growth’ in building synergetic and constructive marketing strategies, and are committed to providing the comprehensive technical and marketing support to all agents and partners.

  • Open Collaboration

    A symbiotic system with open channels of communication will be established to provide a stable setup and smooth workflow, in the interests of both customers and partners.


  • Collaborative Progress

    Sesame World Technology will provide regional support in both technical and marketing aspects, ensuring a mutually profitable collaboration.

  • Progressive Growth

    We also encourage long-term cooperation, in order to establish brand awareness and presence in the regional market, for maximum returns on investments.

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    Internet Education and Innovation Center, Level 5, Unit No. 1030.


    +(86)010-6517 6838